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10 Ways To Make A Girl Feel Comfortable At Your Place

It is in a woman’s nature to enter a mans household and domesticate his life. This is why having a nice pad is such an important part of courtship. If a woman can see herself as part of your world, her attraction for you will go up. If she is disgusted or uncomfortable, her interest will probably drop. So here are 10 ways to make a woman feel comfortable at your place.

1) Have a Nice Place

Obviously, the first thing to do is to get a nice place. By nice, I don’t mean expensive. Just be serious about apartment hunting and find a cool place even if it takes you a few months to find one. If you know any friends who are great at finding bargains, ask for their help.

2) Keep It Clean

Girls don’t like messy apartments. If you want to take things further, you better make sure your place is spotless (by guy standards, which isn’t that high) before you bring her back.

3) Personalize It

Clean and tidy doesn’t mean showroom empty. If your place is too bare, she may find that creepy because you may seem like the kind of shady guy who moves from town to town.

4) Have a Picture Or Two

To show that you are a real human being and to generate conversation, have a few pictures from your past. Guys without any pictures are, once again, creepy.

If you want to build social proof, then have cool, adventurous pictures. It always works.

5) Have Good Reading Material

Have some intellectual books or magazines on your bookshelf. Women love to check out what kind of books and magazines you read in order to assess your education level and personality.

6) Be Classy

Be classy. If you can afford it, have a nice stereo system or home theatre. If you cant afford it, then buy cheap poster prints of famous paintings and put them up on your wall. (I am not asking you to be fake here. I assume that you will actually go read up on the paintings!)

7) Act Casual As If Shes Been There Before

When she shows up, act like as if shes been there before. This will create a relaxed atmosphere for her. Don’t do the tour stuff. Just sit down on a couch and relax.

8) Let Her Cook

Set up a cooking date so that she can cook for you. As soon as a woman steps into a kitchen and cooks for a man, she sees herself as part of the domain.

9) Display Trophies

If you have any cool trophies, display them as a way of building social proof.

10) Display Some Sort of Musical Instrument

If you play any musical instruments, display it as a way of building social proof and generating conversation topics.

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