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A Fine Romance

We met on Lavalife. This was a few years back. I was in my late 20s, was working as a producer for a TV station and spent my nights and weekends riding my motorcycle with a crew of other race bike owners through the streets of Toronto. She lived in a city two hours away. She was doing grad school for biology and was on the hunt to find a cure for cancer. This is how a fine romance started and became one of the best non-relationships Ive ever had.

We exchanged emails like all online couples do. She wrote well and with creative flair. However, it wasnt until we spoke on the phone that this Internet connection became a fine romance. You see, when she spoke, the world lit up. She was positive, perky and quirky and listening to her voice was rapture by phone. I would have loved to bottle our conversations and save them for later but I figured the best was yet to come. I figured wrong.

Her busy school schedule and the distance between us made things difficult. To make matters worse, I was driving a crappy car at the time and felt insecure about it. That meant that I would have to ride to meet her. I dont know if youve ever spent two hours in a full leather suit in the heat of summer, but youre basically a mini-furnace on wheels. I weighed my options and decided it was worth the effort. We made plans to meet on a weekend. Id ride two hours to Kingston and wed do a late afternoon drink. Thats when I made my mistake.

I asked her if there were any showers around she suggested I use hers. She seemed okay with it, so I agreed. However, the next day before I was to leave, she wouldnt pick up her phone. I called many times but never got a response. To this day, Im still scratching my head, but I assume that she got cold feet about letting a stranger shower at her place and pulled the plug. It was a fine romance for a whileone of the best Ive never had. Now its just a memory thats slowly fading away.

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