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A Guy’s Perspective on Women’s Accessories

Women love accessories purses, earrings, belts, and, most of all, shoes. But I think they’ve got it all wrong. These aren’t the accessories that will impress a guy, well, unless he’s gay (but in that case he’s more interested in how your stilettos will look on him than how they look on you). So, let me give you a guy’s perspective on women’s accessories that are sure to draw attention to yourself.

First thing’s first you’ve got to put yourself in the masculine mind. Men like action, they like danger, they like sexy babes who walk a fine line between fragility and strength. One of my female coworkers happens to carry a Swiss army knife, which is exactly the kind of accessory I’m talking about. I’m trying to convince her to go that extra step and buy one of those strap-on holders so she can strap it to you leg just under her skirt. Now that’s hot!

Come to think of it, she also used to be an avid go-karter. A lady who does any activity that is typically dominated by men is bound to draw attention to herself. Whenever I go to a club and the DJ is female, it’s love at first sight. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m telling the truth when I say that I always end up checking her out multiple times during the evening.

No matter how hot a babe is, she will be so much hotter if you put her on a BMX bike or put a skateboard under her arm. If you go out in the real world and do a hobby that you love, you’ll accidentally discover some great hangouts for singles. The fact that a gal can hang out with the guys is impressive. It means she’s fun and she won’t give me guilt trips for going out with my friends since she’ll want to come, too.

Call me contemporary, but I’m more than tired of those cookie-cutter princesses who dress themselves up all pretty and then stand around in clubs like wallflowers waiting for a guy to pick them up. Chicks who think all they have to do is look good and they’ll get a guy are living in the wrong time period as far as I’m concerned.

Just one bit of advice. Don’t make a big deal about the fact that you’re breaking gender stereotypes. Subtleness is key. A gal who can change a tire is incredible sexy, but going around telling guys how you’re part of the new wave of feminism is sure to kill the mood. Let him discover how cool you are on his own and keep the speach for the lecture hall.

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