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A Rant on Dating

Its a question as old as time: how much effort do I need to put into a first date? I think it must have been easier in years gone by. The best years to date may very have well been during the time of cavemen. We didnt have the thriving metropolises and the vast online digital universe that we have today. Back then, people were scarce and choices were few. Your first date was often the one you could catchor would catch you!

By the time first contact was made, and the struggling finally stopped, all of the effort you needed to put into your first date was done. Then all you had to do was pour honey into the ear of your new love and hope that sweetness followed. Ah, the good ole days! Then we, as a society, did something silly: we advanced! We populated! We introduced something that would change the face of dating forever. We created choice!

Now dating is a competition. Are you as good-looking, intelligent, wealthy, funny or intelligent as the person your date was last out with? What about the possibility that the next person to come along may outscore you in some or all of these areas? Have you thought about things like this? My bet is you have. If not, youd better be thinking about it because your day sure as heck will. Dating has become a competition. The question is, are you sure you want to compete?

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