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Accidentally In Love–AGAIN!

Well, hes gone and done it again! This is the second time my hair stylist has left a salon on a moments notice because he fell for a girl in another city. Do you know how hard it is to find someone who can cut your hair and who you get along with? Sheeesh! I was talking about him today with some of the others at the shop and they were marveling at how quick he picked up and left. I wasnt surprised, mind you. The first time he left in a week and took off to New York to become part of one of the hottest celebrity couples in the hair world. Now hes in Montreal dating yet another beautiful stylist, after he, according to his coworkers, fell accidentally in love.

I fall into many things, but not love these days. Its too painful for me. Some people can deal with it. They can live with the heartache and the pain they cause others. Not me. I used to be okay with it. You find someone and it feels good and you let nature take its course, but all the while you have one eye searching for the perfect fitor the next quick hit. That was me at the age of 20. At 30, things have changed. There are no accidents. Love is hard to find. And diving into something simply because it feels good is usually more trouble than its worth.

Back to my hair dude, he has packed it up and headed to off to find love everlastingor at least thats the hope. The idea of moving everything you have is huge, although something tells me he has become quite proficient at over the years. Is this new love an accident? Id like to think not. Id like to think that hes just seeking what he knows is a truly special connection. If it isnt, though, and he comes back home with his tail between his legs, I am personally going to point and laugh. Hey, love is one of the hardest things you have to deal with in life but so is finding a new stylist! 😉

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