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Arab Man Meets His Match

With Valentine’s Day having been just a few days ago, I was quite annoyed to have been left dateless. You know, especially since I was going to a Valentine’s party. At first, I figured I wouldn’t be the only one without a partner while surrounded by couples. My friend Haseeb would be there and he hadn’t had a date since the Stone Age. It’s definitely the Internet Age these days, because that Arab man finally met someone! Her name is Fatimah and they first connected on a dating site for Arab singles.

My first reaction was to apologize to the powers that be for having assumed my friend would always be single. Rather, that was my second reaction. First I said “Oh, come on! Really? Even he has a date?”, in a very selfish (but hushed) tone. Next, I introduced myself to the lovely Fatimah and asked how she managed to get snagged by an Arab man like my friend.

She admitted to being a little wary of him too, at first. Not to sound mean, but there’s kind of a reason my buddy stays painfully single for years at a time. He’s a little on the selfish and arrogant side, while being a bigger geek than I am doesn’t exactly help to make him stand out in the good way. He also limits his options solely to those he considers to be “true” sexy Arab women.

Fatimah told me it was his honesty (note to self: stop using trickery). It gave her the sense that he was confident and determined about what he wanted in life and wasn’t willing to compromise without a good reason. I could see where she was coming from, but between you and me, I just always saw it as him having really high standards when it came to finding a beautiful Arab female to date.

It was at this point when Haseeb totally started badmouthing the music while we stood less than a foot away from the DJ, reminding both of us that he can be a little “rough around the edges” from time to time. With that in mind, I had to wonder what else besides honesty attracted him to her, because there are other men out there who are honest.

Then he convinced the DJ to put on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and I knew what else turned her on: that Arab man can dance! He did the whole routine flawlessly! He then convinced Fatimah and I to join him. Surprisingly, we weren’t as good as he was, but we all still had a blast. I even forgot that I was dateless at a Valentine’s party! Aw, now I just reminded myself.

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