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Beautiful Asian Women Who Make You Smile

The sight of beautiful Asian women always makes my friend giddy. For this reason, he cancelled his membership with his old dating site and joined one that focuses on Asian singles instead. He was born in Vancouver, but his parents are from Osaka, so he’s looking for someone who’s first or second-generation Japanese-Canadian, too. So far, he hasn’t had any luck with those specifics, but he has met a first-generation Chinese-American who moved here to go to the same University that he studies at.

In my neck of the woods, pretty Asian girls seem to be a dime a dozen, so it looks like he made a good call going online. Having met her in person during an impromptu double-date (we bumped into each other at the same chick flick), I can confirm that she’s really pretty cool. She’s not just book smarts, but also she has good common sense. Her sense of humor is fantastic and she’s got an adorably addictive laugh. She’s also quite pretty and has a lot in common with my friend.

I normally tend to date older Asian women whenever I date someone of Chinese descent, but that’s only by coincidence. However, if there are more out there who are like my friend’s new girlfriend, then I just might start dating all the beautiful Asian women whom I meet, regardless of their age!

Actually, calling her his “girlfriend” is too strong of a word. You see, he’s actually met several beautiful Asian women online and she’s just the one he dates the most often. The other women have apparently been just as amazing, but I suspect the fact that he dates her more frequently implies that he likes her the most. I don’t know for certain if she feels the same way, but I certainly hope that’s the case. They make the perfect couple.

Like a lot of people, I love hearing about successful dating escapades, particularly whenever the people meet up online first. It gives me hope for meeting that special someone. I know that for some people, trying out dating sites can be almost as daunting as going to bars to meet people. However, the success that my friend is having clearly shows that we don’t ever have to feel that way.

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