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Beautiful Rich Women Willing To Take Care Of A Poor Man

Does anybody know some beautiful rich women willing to take care of a poor man by any chance? My job is fulfilling work wise, but the industry that I work in is going through one of its slow periods again. This means not as much profit for The Man, which in turn means smaller raises and fewer bonuses for me. All this is fancy talk for “I be broke, yo!” What doesn’t help is that my best friend won’t stop talking about this gorgeous woman that he met online through a millionaire dating service and that he wants to introduce her to me. I’m going to have to double-date at the restaurant where two rich people like to go on top of having to pay for my date’s meal, too? I can literally see the moths flying out of my wallet now.

How does this factor in to me wanting to find rich women willing to take care of a poor man? It’s the exact, selfish reason you’re imagining. For a change, I really want someone to pay my way. I want to get wined and dined. I want to be the one who surprised by fancy, expensive presents. Why does it always have to be me who pays for literally everything, when I’m always the one making the less money?

Ok, so I fully acknowledge that all this sounds like nothing but screechy whining. I don’t care. This is 2012, people! Has the feminist movement seriously still not progressed far enough so that a rich chick can pay for a guy, yet?

I’ve heard that rich women seeking young men get a bad reputation. Why? Simply because they’re not rich guys seeking young women, instead. That’s gender discrimination, people! If there are rich women willing to take care of a poor man out there, then they should be allowed to with neither the women nor the guy having to fear being looked down upon.

I really don’t get society’s stigma about women paying their own way and for the way of their dates. In situations like mine, if I know I can’t afford to do what’s expected of me, then I’ll literally not go on a date. This frustrates me, because it prevents me and my dates from having a good time and, worse still, possibly missing out on an opportunity to literally fall in love. So don’t be so judgmental, people! Let the daters decide the rules of their dates!

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