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A Broken Computer / Life?

I used to enjoy watching TV on a Saturday afternoon or going out and playing with friends in my subdivision. That time was many moons ago. Now Im a different person. Im a man. Now I love dating. I love computers. But sometimes computers can get in the way of dating, and vice versa, and the results can at times be tragic.

Take, for example, last Friday. A friend of mine was going away for the weekend so she decided to come over to say goodbye. I was working from my bed and had my laptop with me. But when she got up to leave, she swung her foot around and accidentally hoofed my laptop off my bed and into the wall. There was a loud crack and the computer shut off. The stunned silence that followed was humorous in retrospect. After I was jolted into action, I started it up again and skipped the disk check to see if it was still functioning. Whew, it was! I continued to work into the evening until it was time for me to hit the road and shut down my precious computer before heading out. Well, the next day when I booted, it asked me if I wanted to disk check. I figured that it was a good idea considering the beating it received the day before so I let it go ahead. 39. Thats the percentage it completed before conking out on me, never to reboot again. So, despite meeting this girl on a great dating site, I was left without the girl AND connectivity for the weekend. I knew I was a sad case before but when one of the two most important things in your life is a computer, and the other is a girl out of town, it really puts life into perspective. I love computers and dating so much that I apparently I go insane when left in a room without either. Has the world really changed that much for me? Has it for you??

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