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Brunch with a Mature Latin Woman

I think I mentioned in my last blog that I was supposed to be setup with a friend-of-a-friend. It seems that I am losing my mojo and everyone is treating me as if I’m less hot than I used to be. I knew I wouldn’t meet the one that night, but was surprised to see what was considered a possibility. Nevertheless, I did have brunch with an older Latina I met during vacation, which has convinced me to check out our Latin dating sites.

It seems as if I have been alone for so long that I should be looking for someone nice, even if we have nothing in common and aren’t really each other’s type. This was further confirmed when I was out with a coworker after work one night and pointed out someone to her that I had been talking about for weeks. I asked her, if I stood a chance, or was batting out of my league.

I didn’t get a direct response, but I was told simply that the object of my affection was exceptionally cute. Admittedly, I had confessed to said colleague that I had gained considerable weight in the last month, which in my experience is never a wise thing to do. I’m forever pointing out my own flaws, which often go unnoticed by other people and when you do that, they begin to perceive you as negatively as you see yourself.

Anyway, while I was on the all-inclusive vacation that led to me packing on weight, I met an older Chilean woman who lived in the same city as I do. We chatted a lot about life and exchanged numbers, but I wasn’t sure our friendship back home would continue. Nevertheless, over the weekend, we went out for brunch. My Latina friend is very independent, but sometimes she wants a relationship.

She finds it difficult to find someone pleasing long-term, while not enjoying one nightstands either. I love that she’s a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t want. She’s inspired me to check out to see if everyone Latin is so direct, putting the truth in profiles in simple black and white terms. However, my friend did warn me that Latin charm can be disarming.

Nevertheless, maybe I’ll try not to post under the screen name Chubby McGoo despite feeling that my usually oversized clothes seem suddenly to be tight around the middle. When you used to be a hefty teen as I was, then you tend to panic that even after you’ve achieved a great body later on that you’re always moment away from being fat again. For now, even if I do meet a spicy Latin lover, I’ll have to avoid too many Mojitos, or white rice Paella.

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