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Can I Call You?

Instant messenger kills me. Ive met a number of people online and its always interesting when theyre so stoked to get on to messenger. I have a problem with instant messaging in that I find its a sub-standard way to communicate when youre meeting local people. It takes longer to type, you cant express emotions and if youre sarcastic, watch out!

Sarcasm never reads well over the wires. There are also those that just dont understand that there are times to chat and times when you need to work or be left alone. My last pet peeve is that some just dont seem to get that its a two way street. I am a firm believer that conversation, like anything else in a new or lasting relationship, falls to people with equal responsibility. If you hit me up a couple of times on instant messaging, I need to hit you up. If its always one person doing the initiating, it just isnt fair and it speaks volumes. Yes, technology had made dating a heck of lot easier. Its just too bad it isnt flawless. In the meantime, would it be okay if we skipped instant messaging and I called you?

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