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Casual Dating?

What is a casual dating, exactly? Wikipedia doesnt have an entry for it, but right near the top of possibilities is casual relationship. This must be close enough to what casual dating is supposed to mean. Wikipedia says its the term used to describe the physical and emotional relationship between two unmarried people who engage in uncommitted sex acts.

That took us from dating to sex pretty fast but is that what you really want?

Very few of my casual relationships have turned out well. I cant keep the distance thats required to pull it off. If I really like someone as a person and were having sex, my natural instinct is to cuddle up and whisper wonderful things into their ear because it feels good to share that bond with another person, even if that bond really isnt there. Ive found that even if Im clear at the start, my attitude and the things that I say will bring these people in to believe that theres a different reality occurring than the one that was originally laid out. Its bad news, whichever way you flip it!

Is casual cool or is it an unattainable myth that we all can only hope for?

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