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Confident Dating: How It Came to Pass

It wasnt long ago that I was turning down kisses from dates because I lacked confidence in that most romantic of gestures. Well, at least 18 years doesnt seem like that long ago but perhaps it is! Back then, communication with the opposite sex, when any interest in love was involved, was an often grueling spectacle. Words didnt flow from my lips in any orderly fashion and my tongue was tied on more than a few occasions, leading to disastrous results. I was the dating equivalent to a bull in a china shop. Whatever the case, there has always been something thats fascinated me: how is it that you learn to date with confidence?

The simple answer is that confidence comes with experience. The more awkward situations I put myself through, the more comfortable I became. Each time I messed up, somehow in the midst of feeling foolish, I was able to store the experience away for future reference. Now I can make out with anyone, anytime, even in front of cameras or hundreds of people, and not even think twice. I am confident enough now to know that I wont say anything to embarrass myself, no matter who Im sitting across from. Ive come a long way, baby! My only worries now are about things like how attractive, successful, positive and interesting I appear to be. Hmmm did I say I was beginning to feel more confident with my dating? Maybe its time to go back to the drawing board!

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