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Creating A Great First Impression Online

Wow, there are a whack of dating profiles online! Ive read a bunch of them, both from men and women, and Ive always thought that people should work harder at the profiles they put out there. After all, its a digital first impression, and we all know how important those are supposed to be. Ive often offered help to those in need, but now Im not so sure that helping someone with writing their dating profile is such a good idea.

I look at it this way: you need to present yourself as you are. Youre looking to date and the last thing that would do anyone any good is for them to get the wrong impression of you. So you cant spell and dont know that a lot is actually two words. Who cares that youve filled your profile with information about what youre NOT looking for in a date? Some people are drawn to negativity, right? Heck, all those positive people need opposites to attract to, dont they? We all have exs we cant stand or those that we cant get over. Let it all hang out! This is the real you, after all, and you need to write something thats fitting.

I recall a friend who asked me to help him write something that would get him more responses online. I thought, no problem! I can do this! I studied journalism in school while he studied something useful. He was making money but no love while I was making love and no money. It seemed I actually had something to offer, for once! Sure enough, I took a look at his profile and knew there was a lot of work to be done. Thats when it hit me: he was exactly the guy that he wrote on the page. He covered all of his strange interests and quirks, his pros and his cons. There was no way someone would read that and be mislead about what they were signing up for. It was a perfect profile. Isnt that what were all looking for when we read about someone onlinetheir true selves?

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