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Dating and The Single Rose

Is there anything more romantic than a date that carries a lone rose? It is an iconic image that weve seen many times yet it never seems to loose its appeal. Were in the business of knowing a thing or two about dating here at Cupids Reviews and it seems only fitting that we address what is one of the most significant signs of love: the single rose.

Im not a huge fan of bringing gifts on dates. It seems a little dated considering how many people most of us have to go out with before being able to make an educated decision on what kind of person we fit best with. Having said that, a gift is also bound to leave an impression because there just arent many people giving them any more. Enter the rose. Roses are beautiful and have long been considered the flower of love. A long stem rose can run you a few bucks, but you wont ever break the bank buying the most beautiful available at your local florist. Its cost effective and to the point. That makes it the perfect first date gift.

Some may argue why one is good when two is better. In the case of first dates, Id argue against the theory. First, you dont want to overdo it. Bringing a dozen roses may be impressive at first, but your date may be left wondering if you have all your screws. Second, theres a big chance that a first date may not lead to another. A dozen roses may not be a huge drain on your cash flow, but that money would be better spent on a local charityor new shoelaces.

A single rose says so much. It says interest. It says thoughtfulness. It says romance. It has the ability to avoid cliché because of its status as one of the leading symbols for love. Its a gift that can stand for so many things and rarely will it be interpreted as anything else besides the best of intentions in a first-date scenario.

If youre thumbing through our online dating reviews here at Cupids Reviews, and you find someone that interests you, carry the lone rose on your date or hope that he brings you one. It is the epitome of love, but its real value lies in what a future romance can hold.

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