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Dating the Brain

On the most wonderful things about this world we live in is that there is just so much thats beautiful! Specifically, when it comes to people, there is a whole kaleidoscope of character traits and physical attributes that make people sexy or attractive to us. Everyone weights the importance of these characteristics differently. Some people are after guys with sculpted abs or women with large breasts. Others find humor to be a big turn-on or social standing. The qualities people admire are practically endless and as people, we often play towards what we feel are our strongest attributes when looking for love online.

Ive always found people with big brains interesting. These people are the ones that spent Friday nights bent over books when the rest of us were out on the town. In doing so, they skipped out on a huge part of life. Now in their thirties, these people have already made their mark and are now ready to get out and enjoy some of the rewards that theyve missed over the years. In effect, the anti-social now try to become social.

Some are adept at making the transition. They are smart, after all, and can figure out the subtleties of conversation and clubs so that they quickly become one with their environment. Others, though, are a little less successful. I came upon one of these a while back. Actually, she came upon me, more like it. She had graduated law school and was working her way up the firm and figured shed give online dating a try. There werent any smiles. She just up and sent me an email. At $2 a shot, its a gamble that can add up quickly. Clearly she was just after my picture. With all her smarts, she must surly have seen that we werent a match, yet she pushed it solely on the strength of her career and the brainpower that got her there. I say good for you, girl! You go getem! Still, theres this feeling of desperation in the wind. Its great that you have the earning power to satisfy most of your needs, but to hang your hat on that alone is just sad. I think the point Im trying to make here, if theres a point at all, is that dating should involve tact, which some people dont get. If they had just had a course in that back in school . .

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