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I love the fact that niche dating sites cover all kinds of areas, including disabilities. We have dating sites for active people, animal lovers, Asians and big, beautiful women and men! Warning bells go off, though, when I hear of sites catering to disabilities, such as those for the deaf. Its not that Im against providing a specialized service.

In face, Im all for it. The problem is that Ive just seen too many niche dating sites appear that have little or no interest in the target market. They just want to have access to new markets to new money. I recently reviewed Deaf People Meet and, as I worried, there was very little there that specifically spoke to the needs and wants of deaf people. You could easily make the case that there need not be any special consideration given and if you happen to be hearing impaired, Im not going to argue with you. However, for the rest, Id say that you need to go that extra mile if youre targeting such a specialized area. You need to ensure that youre looking for more than just money. Deaf People Meet just doesnt have that specialization. Now, I must say that its probably one of the best overall dating sites Ive come across. Its beautiful to look at, runs like Ben Johnson on steroids and gives you almost complete access to check it out without having to pay a dine. Even when you do, its really cheap under $10 a month. You could almost forgive them for failing to lift a finger to make it different than any average dating site almost. Sure, they have a specific domain name, but come on! Anyway, for some reason, this bothers me. Am I alone on this one or do others feel the same? I sure feel like Im alone . . .

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