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Members make dating sites. For those that have come late to the game, it can be hard to get a foothold. There are just so many dating sites now that are competing for the same members and offering a similar product that the industry is going to see a similar dot-com era bust. One of the solutions to this problems is to have sites share their database of members, so no matter if you sign up for one, you end up having your profile marketed on many.

The Relationship Exchange network of sites is one such setup that is based on member sharing. I find it hard to review sites like this because they use a similar setup as the other sites on the network. In the end, they give the same basic service and access to the same members. The only difference is usually how many people actually join the site through that domain. is one such site. Its part of the Relationship Exchange network and is similar to all of their sites. The only good thing about it is that the sites themselves, while rather unattractive and simple compared to some of the other dating sites on the market, deliver what we consider the basic essentials for surfers. This is the ability to do local geographic searches and the ability to see when members last logged in. Dream Mates comes through on both counts. As a reviewer, it can be hard to explain this without complicating the matter for surfers. But here, on this blog, I can at least share the tiniest bit of frustration with complete strangers. Actually, Im feeling much better already!

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