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Finding Gay Friends

Ive been rambling on as of late about the Friend Finder network of sites. It saddens me to say that Gay Friend Finder is no different than the rest. Sure, it may not be as expensive as some of the other Friend Finder sites, but it is probably more expensive than its worth. I just cant stomach a site that wont let you view profiles! I think the whole Friend Finder team, regardless of sex or sexual orientation, should be locked in a room and sprayed with cold water from a fire hose until they come to their senses.

I must admit they do a fabulous job with their marketing and their ability to grab surfer attention. Theyre one of the oldest dating franchises and they are still in business for a reason. I know that theres no way Im going to get my opinion across to them. Im just some dating site review guy with no experience looking at the back end. Having said that, wheres the hose! If you have a good site, dont hide it! Dont make people pay for something without telling them what they are going to get. This is RUDE! Now, I cant recommend Gay Friend Finder because of the way they have their site set up but Id like to. Theyve done good work in putting together great technology and creating enough experiences for the user in the online community to make it worthwhile. If I were them, I would stand up and scream that to the world instead of this closed-door policy that I doubt will appeal to even those still in the closet.

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