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Its not easy finding romance, even with all of the matchmaking services you find online today. I hear it from one single after another: how come Ive been online for so long and Im still searching? Some people point to the portals themselves saying dating sites dont work. Here, I have to disagree

Searching for love is like searching for the best dating sites. There are way too many options out there to choose from so you have to go with your gut. Its also useful to have some friends around to give their opinions. Thats where we come in at Cupids Reviews. Were the friend who gives you an insightful opinion on sites. We let you in on whats behind door number one before you fill out one spec of personal information or hand over your hard-earned cash.

Ive been through more dating sites than I can count. There are some really great sites out there and there are also a lot of poorly-run scam shops. Many sites fall in between, some of which are on their way down in popularity while others are pushing to be the leaders of tomorrow. On Cupids, weve structured our rating criteria so that people new to the online game get pointed towards sites that are popular and let them quickly and easily make educated decisions about the value of the site. Lets face it: time is the most important commodity we have and we need to waste as little of it as possible. Finding quality dating sites should be easy but weve found that just because a site gets a lot of press, it doesnt mean that its a great site for any new single to try out. Our rating criteria ensures that your time wont be wasted on crap at least until youre ready and willing to take that step!

Check out our ratings. Tell us what you think. Love is hard enough to find without some obscure dating site making promises it cant deliver on. If its up to us, were not going to let that happen to anyone. Check out our dating site reviews and see for yourself…

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