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I remember the first time that I hit East Harlem. This was the late nineties, after the whole crack epidemic had started to die down and Spanish Harlem was starting to become livable again. I was there visiting my Spanish girlfriend who had moved from suburbia to El Barrio to see how one of the centers of Hispanic-American life had repaired itself, and she and I were pleased to see how vibrant the Hispanic community had become. The Latin dating community is also thriving these days, and with the Hispanic dating scene booming, it’s easier than ever to find a Latina/Latino lover who’s just right for you.

There are certain key cities which have amazing Hispanic dating scenes. New York is obvious, and the Los Angeles dating scene is beyond compare- these are cities whose reps speak for themselves, and you certainly don’t need me to blather on about them.

But don’t discount Mexico City dating options either; this is one place which has really taken off as both a hip destination for tourists as well as a world class city with a nightlife and singles scene which has to be seen to be believed. In Mexico City, there’s a wide selection of cultural events, museums, art galleries by the pound and simply drop-dead beautiful neighborhoods which can allow you to break free of the usual date destinations (cafe, bar, rinse and repeat). It’s an affordable destination as well, and it is far easier to enjoy the best of the city than either of the big hubs of LA or NYC.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to venture abroad to check out the dating scene, and Latin dating sites have made finding a partner much easier in recent years. You need never have to spend another awkward fruitless evening making small talk with someone you barely know – if nothing else, dating sites can narrow your search for a Spanish girlfriend or boyfriend so that there are fewer unpleasant surprises.

Hispanic culture isn’t as in-your-face as it was a few years ago (Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, J-Lo’s popularity peak, etc etc), but these are still great times for the Hispanic singles scene. There are zillions of eligible guys and gals out there, and with incredible online services and affordable travel destinations, you’ll have trouble NOT finding anyone.

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