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One thing that I think more online dating sites should offer is free photo editing, or rather, free photo counseling. Its said that pictures make a profile. If you show up online with blurry, tiny or otherwise unfavorable shot, youre really not giving your profile a fair go. We do free photo editing here at Cupids and some of the pics that are submitted are well, they need some guidance, is all. There was a recent submission from a an Australian man in his 50s in the middle of a field of sheep wearing leather pants.

The problem, surprisingly, wasnt the sheep or the leather pants. What killed the picture was the fact that it was so small, I couldnt crop the sheep and pants out! I know that a lot of dating sites offer free cropping services as part of their picture approval process. I just think sometimes that perhaps if they went a bit further, theyd have a few more clients with better online dating results.

If you are in need of a quick crop, feel free to submit pics at Cupids Reviews free photo editing. (this service has actually been closed) Well stick a tiny watermark on the bottom of a bow and arrow. All we ask is that if anyone asks about it, send them our way!

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