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Free Sites?

Weve been talking about the idea of including reviews to free sites here on CupidsReviews. Some might ask why that wasnt on our list of categories from the start, but then comes the obvious issue of this being a business. We need to make money so we can continue to provide the service and free sites just dont pay.

One of the first sites I ever joined was a free site called Casual Kiss. Its run by a guy in Toronto, where I live, and it has a bunch of people on from the city. Thankfully, it began charging for memberships so I could include it on Cupids. The down side is that I now have to pay to hang out there but its really cheap. There are other free sites around and some are worth a look. Im sure there are many local sites, too, that are free that I havent stumbled across. We also dont review speed dating or dinner dating companies again, because they dont pay. Down the line it may be a consideration. Hopefully well get to a point where were making enough that we can add any site and multiple dating services, but for now well stick to those that show us the money.

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