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Happy Senior DatingMany men who attempt online dating struggle to find the right woman.  This is a process that should be much easier than most men are making it.  I have had success with online dating and I want my fellow man to share my success.  To help, I have come up with some online dating advice for men.

Selecting the right service

There are many online dating services out there so my first piece of online dating advice for men is to choose the service that appeal to what they want.  Research what the goals of each of the available sites are and choose the one that is right for you.

Creating your profile

The next piece of online dating advice for men that I have is to creating a winning profile for yourself.  The profile is important because it helps women determine if you are the right person for them.  Include important and interesting facts about yourself so that they can get a feel for the type of person you are.

Use social media

Pretty much everyone has a social media account so there is a good chance that if a woman has interest in your online dating profile, they will look you up on Facebook or any other social media site.  Knowing that, my next piece of online dating advice for men that I have is to make your social media site appealing.  Your social media account will help shape the image she has of you so do everything you can to make that image a positive one.

Good first impression

The first impression that you give could determine the direction in which your relationship with that person will go.  With this in mind, you want to take her on a first date that she will remember and separate you from guys she has met in the past.  The first impression is very important to the direction that a relationship will go so you want to get it started in the right direction.

Show some respect

You do not want to avoid any type of negative image when pursuing a woman so another piece of online dating advice for men is to always be respectful.  You want to seem like a person that you can introduce to her family and friends so it is important to always be respectful to her.  It will make you seem like a great person by treating her with respect so you should speak and act with respect.


The final piece of online dating advice for men that I have and possibly the most important is to always be honest with her.  If you tell any type of lie throughout the early stages of your relationship with that person, there is a chance that it will eventually come back to hurt you.  Trust is something that the two of you will have to develop especially since the two of you are likely to be complete strangers when first dating.  When getting to know a person, you can never go wrong with the truth.

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