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How To Encourage A Girl To Be Naughtier

Many guys would love to a girlfriend who is a princess in public but a bit naughty in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the two doesn’t always mix. So here are a few ways to help you bring out your girlfriends naughty side in the bedroom.

1) It starts with your beliefs.

It all starts with your beliefs. You have to be comfortable with being naughty (without any guilt) before you can bring out the naughtiness in a woman. You have to have a matter of fact attitude when you talk about your fantasies. If you are a bit embarrassed about intimacy, it will show through in your voice tone and facial expression, and the anti-slut response in the woman will be triggered.

2) Encourage her to open up about her fantasies.

Once your stance on intimacy is clear, encourage your girlfriend to be open about what she likes in term of intimate contact. Start small and take little steps. She will warm up over time.

3) Never judge any of her fantasies negatively.

Remember to never judge anything she likes. Don’t ever criticize anything she has done in the past. If you do, her anti-slut defense will kick in!

4) Be playful and talk dirty

Be playful, flirty, and try to talk dirty when the energy is right. I want to tap that ass may be derogatory if you say it to a random woman. But if you say it to your girlfriend with the right voice tone at the right moment, shell love it.

5) Be discreet

Don’t ever, ever kiss and tell. What happens between you two should STAY between you too.

6) Create a safe environment

Speaking of being discreet, remember to create a safe environment for her to be naughty with you. If she is feeling uncomfortable, you’re not going to anywhere with her!

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