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How To Flirt With Women

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I know how much you guys love flirting tips. So here are some tips on how to flirt with women.=)

1) Have a flirty voice tone

Use a flirty voice tone when you talk to girls. Prolong your vowels a tiny bit and slow down on certain words. Make it clear that you’re not being serious.

2) Use sexual innuendos

Drop a sexual innuendo or two here and then – but only once rapport has been made. If she gives you a weird look, stop.

3) Touch her

Be just a bit more touchy than you would otherwise be. Don’t forget to hug her – most women love to be hugged.

4) Prolong your eye contact

Look at her eyes just a bit too long. Let the tension build up and don’t look away until she does.

5) Be a bit naughty

Just be a bit naughtier than usual in general. Be playful and focus on having fun.

6) Joke around and laugh at her jokes

Joke around and plenty, and don’t forget to also laugh at her jokes. (Women know how to do this well. When they are flirting with a guy, they will laugh at *anything*.)

7) Open up your body language

Open up your body language so that it is more inviting. Don’t cross your arms, etc.

8) Relax

Relax, relax, and relax some more! Everyone is funny and playful when they are relaxed and among friends.

9) Tease her and be a bit sarcastic.

Tease her plenty and be just a bit sarcastic. (But make it PLAYFUL – sarcastic!)

10) Be genuinely interested in what she has to say. That little bit of attention can sometimes give you the extra mile you need.

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