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How To Plan The Perfect Date

Here are a few tips on how to plan the perfect date with a woman.

1) Do Plan Ahead

First of all, do plan ahead. If your date seems unfocused, it will be very hard for the chemistry to go up. Don’t just call a woman to hang out and then do whatever. Have something exciting to do that she can look forward to.

2) Be Flexible

One thing to keep in mind is that while it is good to plan ahead, make sure your plans are not so rigid that you cannot be flexible.

As a dating coach, I see many guys making the mistake of planning a date down the smallest details and then freaking out when the date doesn’t start out the way they were supposed to. And because they lack the skill to improvise, they just get stuck and don’t know what to do.

3) Have Backup Plans Ready

It is good to always have a few backup plans ready. For example, if a restaurant is full, know where you can take her instead without any hesitation. If your date does not like skating, know where the closest mini-golf place is. Buy a cheap guide for your city from your local bookstore. Check out all the cool spots so that you can change plans at any time.

4) Make It Fun

Whatever you wish to do on your date, make sure it is fun. The more fun a woman has you on a date, the more likely she will want to go out with you again. And the more often she goes out with you, the easier it will be to turn her into a girlfriend.

5) Make It Interactive

Avoid watching movies or other things that do not allow you to interact with a woman. Chemistry only comes from interaction. If you are just sitting there watching the screen together at a movie theatre, how are you going to flirt with or get to know each other?

6) Tidy Up Your Place In Case You Hang Out After

Remember to tidy up your place before you head out. This way, if you bring her back to watch a move or just to hang out, she wont be shocked by how messy your place is.

7) Find Somewhere You Can Walk Around

Ideally, have your date somewhere where you can walk around after lunch or dinner. It could be a beach, it could be a park, it could even be a little shopping street with cool stores. (Every town has one.) This will make her feel like you’re together. (Combine this with acting like a challenge and shell fall for you hard!)

8) Make Everything Natural

As much as you should be planning ahead, try to let go of the technical’s and just focus on your playful attitude. Make the things you’ve learned from me a natural part of your identity and attitude without worrying too much about what to do while you’re on the date. If you worry too much about what to do, you’re going to end up freezing up, and that’s not good!

9) Have Points of Advancement

One way to be able to advance ahead without pre-planning too much is by having points of advancement where you can advance physically without making it look pre-planned OR awkward.

For example, if you know you are going to take her across a busy intersection, then you can use that as an How To Plan The Perfect Date

10) Be Somewhere Where You Can Control The Situations

If you put yourself in situations where you have little control, you are setting yourself up for failure. For example, I have seen many readers see their perfectly romantic dates turn into disasters right in front of their eyes because they ended their dates at a nightclub or pub where other guys started to hit on their dates or grab their dates butt. (I’m serious) Think about it: If some random guy just walks up to your date and grabs her butt because hes drunk, no matter how well you handle the situation, your date is going to be upset and your night is going to be ruined. It is better to pre-empt such situations by only taking your date to good places where such incidents will not happen. If you want to grab a drink together, then go to a classy or quiet place that is not crowded by college students!

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