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An Interracial Romance Story

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, people would still have difficulty with any kind of interracial romance. However, there are still people who hold on to these old ideas. With every corner of our world being accessible now and with our very multicultural societies – especially in the Western world – it seems inevitable that couples of different races would become more prevalent. Just look at how many interracial dating sites there are these days.

I recently had a friend of mine visit me from New York. She’s becoming a very successful writer, having started out as a blogger, and then working her way into even more mainstream media. Her name is Blaise. She’s a very interesting gal and absolutely gorgeous. Everywhere she goes, guys turn to look at her. She’s a tall girl with a shock of curly brown hair that always looks slightly disheveled but with a great deal of care having gone into its chaos. She has dark brown eyes, a proud and inimitable nose and full lips that border a mouth that is visibly disposed to laughter. She has a joyous, infectious energy that everyone around her gravitates toward. She has the demeanor of one who has been loved and, in return, expects to be able to share the love she has been given with those around her.

We had many opportunities for long chats while she was here. We maintain a kind of long-distance friendship and, as such, our chats are often brief and perfunctory with no real substance involved. It was wonderful to have a chance to really get to know each other better.

For the first time I heard the story of how her parents met. They had an interracial romance that not only resulted in the birth of this beautiful girl but in a marriage that has lasted to this day.

It was the ’60s and interracial romance was still somewhat taboo. A black man with a Jewish woman was almost unheard of. Neither of their parents took their relationship seriously. His mother would not think of his girlfriend as anything more than a Jewish mistress that he would quickly grow tired of. She believed (and hoped and prayed) that he would end up with a beautiful black girl. Blaise’s mother’s parents were even more against the relationship and absolutely forbade her to see him. Nevertheless, their love prevailed and they have proven all of their detractors wrong. Not just about their relationship but also about their ideas at the time.

These days, both sets of grandparents dote over their beautiful granddaughter and they have become – all of them – a very real and loving family. When love is involved, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what your heritage is, all that matters is that two people respect and admire each other. If you believe that love can conquer all then you must believe that it can conquer something as absurd and invalid as a color barrier.

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