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Is That My Italian Wife?

As part of my never-ending series of entries dedicated to daydreams and personal ramblings, this week I explore the wonderful recurring dreams of being married to an Italian. I’m not Italian, nor do I currently have any crushes on any Italians in my life, but when I see somebody like Asia Argento go nuts in another B movie, my heart beats a little faster. I know that in real life my Italian wife would probably be nothing like feisty Ms Argento, but that’s what unattainable fantasies are all about. I know that people like Sophia Lauren aren’t likely to be found cruising the Italian dating scene, but a man can still dream (although it should be noted that Sophia is a tad past per prime, but you likely get the picture).

My dream Italian wife would be a mix of Sofia Coppola and Argento (Asia, not her dad Dario) – a winning combination of dramatic good looks, worldliness and cosmopolitan attitudes, and a fiercely independent spirit. I haven’t decided whether or not to dream-marry my dream Italian in a church ceremony or civil service – there’s something nice about the pomp and circumstance of a big wedding, but it seems kind of hypocritical for an agnostic like myself to have a church marriage just because it looks fancy. Since this is all fantasy anyway, I think I’ll go big.

The question of meeting this dream Italian is still up in the air. Since this would be the woman that I marry, I don’t think I’d have the first magical encounter in a typical hangout for singles (bar, nightclub, 24 hr gym, etc). Perhaps we’d run into each other at a used bookstore somewhere in Milan or Turin. Perhaps she would accidentally run me over with her Vespa scooter, and a sort of Florence Nightingale romance could flourish. No matter where or how this fictional encounter would take place, there’s no question that our heartbeats would be racing together, pheromone sparks flying everywhere, some soft accordion music playing in the background.

These thoughts keep me from getting too frustrated with the email overload that typically consumes a lot of my dating commentary. Here’s hoping that dream really do come true in the near future – I can only keep up with the dating world for so long.

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