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Love Love Love Every Where

I often wonder to myself about love and why we as animals believe that we are the only species on earth to experience love. If animals of other species can feel fear and also jealousy why not love. What makes us believe that we are the only animals on earth to be able to have such complex emotions .I think its because we can stand the thought that we are not exclusive when it comes to experiencing such powerful emotions.

As people we express love in so many different ways. We aren’t all capable or inclined to buy roses, paint pictures or write poems to our loved ones. Some individuals choose to express their love in different ways, like making their loved one a drink in the morning or ensuring that the garbage is always put out. Most people seem to do little things to express love and often when this is done it is often taken for granted.

Men in particular seem to rise to the occasion when there is a crisis. They express themselves in different ways. Not all of us are romantics so making sure that the air conditioner is working can in fact be an act of love.

Love itself has so many definitions from the practical to the romantic its not easily defined. Our language is often a barrier to the expression of love just like the way that we express our love can be misunderstood. Women often crave the emotional and communicative type of love where they want to have someone who will listen to them and adore them and whisper sweet nothings into their ears. As I stated earlier love can be practical or emotional it’s not a tangible material thing it’s an emotion and a feeling.

I love Ice cream, I also love my brother and I am in love with my partner what’s the difference? . I love to walk around the house naked as well, they are all different but all defined as love. As we get more settled within our relationships they change and evolve and our feelings of love for that person may change. When it comes to
Ice cream on the other hand my feelings don’t change I love it maybe I just want a different flavour that week

So many relationships break up because I think people confuse what it is to be in love. All they do is confuse a relationship and all that entails with the feelings they have for ice cream. They choose to change flavour and that’s such a pity because there is so much more to love than just wanting chocolate ripple instead of butterscotch because you will eventually go back to chocolate ripple again and it would be such a shame if you wanted to go back to what you really love and it was no longer there.

I love the fact we are such complex creatures but when it comes to love it has been the downfall of many an empire and the building of some great relationships. Enjoy love and enjoy the fact that we can love freely and openly wether its ice cream or your best friend love is such a strong feeling enjoy it whenever you get the opportunity.

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