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My Lovely Date With A Religious Beauty

Just this last Sunday, I met a religious beautywho made my heart melt. I found her on aChristian dating site that I was a little reluctant to join at first, as I am much more agnostic than I am devout. Boy was I glad I chose to sign up!

Her name is Tara and she’s a very spiritual Roman Catholic, following Christ’s golden rule to the letter. Would she like it if someone were to offer her a warm meal should she be out of a job? Since the answer was yes, she often cooked at home and went out to give it all away to the homeless. Would she hate it if someone pushed their religion onto her? As that answer was also yes, she would back off at the first sign of disapproval from someone she tried to convert.

This religious beauty stemmed from a feeling of something greater than us binding everything together, which is why I agreed to meet with her in person. The universe is tied together by something almost magical, be it an astronomical amount of coincidences, the work of God or some unknown deity sneezing us into existence. For me, the “Do unto others” law is the one true rule of nature. Everybody has a sense of right and wrong, so we should be following that shared sense of responsibility in order to make the world a better place.

So when Tara suggested that our first date be a trip to the soup kitchen, I was a little pleased to have met a Christian cutie who felt the same way. She didn’t define religious beauty as being God’s number one suck up, rather, she felt it was being faithful to your sense of right vs. wrong and doing your damndest (if you’ll excuse the pun) to always choose to do what’s right.

As a result of this shared outlook on life, my newfound Christian angel and I had a total blast on our date, even though all we did was work ourselves to the bone. By the end, both of us satisfied our sense of doing right. And while I can’t speak for Tara, I also had a sense that the next date is going to go just as well.

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