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A Lovely Tale Of Romance In The Rain

Walking to work one day, my coworker and I got royally soaked. I told her I liked the rain. When she looked at me like I was twit, I shouted “DID YOU NEVER EXPERIENCE ROMANCE IN THE RAIN BEFORE?” She still couldn’t hear me over the torrential downpour, so we rushed inside a coffee shop to wait it out a bit. Inside, I told her about a couple of people I met on dating sites where our first dates were during heavy rainfall.

My first date with Karen was supposed to be at a fireworks display. A few thousand gallons later, we decided it was probably going to be canceled. I wanted to head to my favorite comic book shop, since it was just across the street, but was way too shy to admit how much of a geek I was on a first date. Instead, we made a mad dash through the downpour for practically a mile before we came to shop that she loved checking out on a daily basis. After seeing it was a video game store, I quickly fell head over heels for having found a fellow dweeb and knew this was going to be the beginning of some heavy duty puppy love.

Another date in the rain was with a TV enthusiast. She and I had been dating for a few nights now, so I knew a first kiss, if not more, was on its way. There we were on her doorstep, hearts pounding, awkward silence at its highest. My mouth was dry, my face flushed and I suddenly felt feverishly hot. I kissed her… sort of. I had moved in so quickly that I literally pecked the bridge of her nose. We just stood there, both dumbstruck. Humiliated and hard-pressed to say something to break the tension, I actually said “So, you still want to sleep together after that?” Just then, a sudden torrent of rain instantly drenched us and made her lovely white dress completely see-through. I don’t know if it was the absurdity of the situation, but she suddenly quoted that “Dharma and Greg” sitcom and shouted “YOU DON’T SLEEP IN THE RAIN, YOU FOOL, YOU MAKE ROMANCE IN THE RAIN!” The rest I’ll leave to the imagination.

Coffees in hand, my coworker and I decided to brave the storm to make it to work on time. Along the way, I nagged her that being “decent-looking,” she could probably find love, too, if she dated more, to which she shouted “IF YOU FOUND ROMANCE IN THE RAIN SO MANY TIMES, WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE?” Touche, my friend, touche.

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