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Marius Panzarella Shares His Experiences As A Dating Coach

Once in a while, I like to share my unique experiences as a dating coach so that my readers can get to know the real me behind my newsletter. So today, I am going to tell you about what upsets and excites me the most as a dating coach.

Here is what upsets me:

1) When Guys Dont Use Protection

Not to be cocky or anything, but Ive helped *many* men and women get together and make babies. Unfortunately, sometimes the baby part is unintentional.

Heres how it happens: A guy spends a few years trying to get a girlfriend without having luck, somehow stumbles across my newsletter (I dont even run ads anymore), and decides to try my tips. Then within a month or two, he successfully beds a girland because of all the excitement he forgets to use a condom!

10 months later, hes a daddy.

It saddens me every time I hear such a case because I cant help but to feel partially responsible.

Listen: If you want to love, wear a glove!

2) When Guys Get Totally Screwed Over But Still Dont Leave

Then therere nice guys who are simply wonderful human beings, but because of their personality or upbringing (using a mixture), they keep on getting walked all over by women.

Every week, they will send me stories and ask for advice. Ill give them my two cents, but then theyll go out and do the exact opposite.

Why write me if you arent going to listen anyway, right? (It really frustrates me. Talking to these guys is like talking to a brick wall!)

3) When Guys Have Anger Issues That They Refuse To Acknowledge

But that is not nearly as frustrating as trying to help guys with DEEP anger issues that they refuse to acknowledge. I am talking about guys that will turn ANY newsletter article into a debate on why the government is out to get you (I am not kidding) or that all American women are bad.

Note to these guys:

If you seriously think all women are cheaters or that everyone is out to scam you, why not just forget about dating all together. And if you are going to forget about dating all together, why do you have to email me to tell me every week?


With that said, I *do* have some good experiences with:

1) Guys Who Wake Up

I really feel a sense of pride of happiness when one of my readers Wake up and leave their old baggage behind. I think its probably the reason why Im still working and answering emails every day despite all the garbage that I have to take. (If you have read some of the flame mails Ive shared with my newsletter readers, I am sure you know what I mean.)

2) Guys Who Remember and Write Me Testimonials Years Later

It is nice to hear from old students who had signed up for my course way back in 2001 or 2002 and are now happily married. It feels really good to be one of the only dating coaches on the Internet who help people get into healthy long term relationships rather than just becoming another pick-up artist.

3) Guys Who Improve Their Lives For The Better

Ultimately, what pleases me the most is watching my readers take what theyve learned from my ebook and applying the same concepts to other areas of their lives – such as school, work, or business. I love helping people improve their lives, and I really feel it is what makes my work worthwhile.

Okay. Thats enough sappiness for a couple of months. Next time I talk to you, we are going back to my dating tips!

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