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Match Making

I am not a fan of the setup. The second a friend knows a friend that I should meet, I know it’s time to worry. Are you a fan of the setup? Have you ever had a successful hookup through friends? Match making is a difficult job—even for those who know you best. I love my friends to death but I’m way too particular when it comes to who I date. The odds of them finding the right one for me just aren’t in their favor.

I think the best way for a friend to help a friend is through online dating. It’s the Must Love Dogs approach. Do you have a friend that you think needs a little push in the right direction? Jump onto a dating site and take a look around. We have them all ranked and reviewed at Cupids Reviews. Spend some time to sort though the mass of profiles and pick some good ones to send to your friend. That’s how I’d go about match making, anyway.

Picking a person through their profile is a good way to go. It avoids the awkwardness that can arrive when hanging out with people you’ve dated and turned down. That has always been a sore spot for me. I have a couple of situations that arise a year that have enough tension that you could launch a small projectile into space. No matter how well you do with the process of breaking up, there are still issues that remain. The good news is that the older I get, the easier these situations become. Still, I think that match making should be left to dating sites.

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