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Meeting A Lesbian Angel On Halloween

Good morning, everybody (or afternoon, evening or red-eye hours, depending on when you’re reading this)! How was your Halloween? Mine was uneventful, as I’ve been laid up with a nasty case of bronchitis for the last week or so. My friend’s however, went heavenly. You see, she met someone on a gay personals site and then decided to have their first date be on All Hallow’s Eve itself. They went to a big costume party and had a total blast. My friend was dressed as a sexy devil and, appropriately, her date was a lesbian angel.

Now this costume pairing was actually a complete coincidence. Another sweet coincidence was that the beautiful gay girl was just as kind and elegant as her costume suggested. What attracted my friend’s attention to her was not only that this lesbian angel had a drop-dead gorgeous profile pic, but also that she was an animal rescuer.

I’m not saying she had a million dogs, cats, birds and guinea pigs at home, or anything (at least, not that I heard of). It’s just that my friend’s date worked in a shelter and ran a fairly successful charity that helped people pay for veterinary surgeries. My friend is one who thinks that PETA is on the right track and spends most of take-home money on animal charities like the one ran by her newly met lesbian angel.

When she spent all of last night telling me about how amazing her date is, I started to worry that there might not be much of a second date. Having a mutual love animals, or anything for that matter, is a pretty good thing. But you don’t want just one broad interest. I’m in support of the overall goal of the Occupy Wall street movement. That doesn’t, however, mean that I’m a perfect match for every woman in the world who also supports it.

The two are going to go on a more intimate date this coming weekend. Unsurprisingly, they tend on following it up with something animal-themed. The two are going to go out for dinner at what sounds like a classy restaurant. Afterward, they’re going to try and raise funds for a local SPCA by making pamphlets and posters. On the plus side, this likely means a third date will be on the horizon, since they’ll need to pass out those pamphlets and request funds from people on the street later on.

Whether or not my friend’s new companion will one day turn into a lesbian girlfriend seems a little up in the air to me. However, if they can find a way to segue this shared passion of theirs into other interests, then chances are pretty good that they’ll get along heavenly.

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