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My Own Love Test

It’s great that we rate dating sites. Every day, I get to spend my time thinking about love and relationships. It’s given me a lot of time to mull over what’s right for me when it comes to my life. I’ve dated a lot over the years and I think I’m starting to get a real feel for the type of person I’m looking for. I put every person I see through a love test that has been designed by me, for me. It’s nothing that’s structured or written down on paper. It’s just something that happens automatically every time I venture out on a date. This is how the test goes…

The test is simple. Some may say it too simple to be applied to love. Others will discount it as being too dreamy and impractical. Whatever the case, it’s something that I have found that works best for me.

I’ve grown up under the belief that if we know what we want in life, we can find it. This applies is in all areas of life, be it with friends, work and even material goods. This rings especially true when it comes to love. I believe that the person I want to spend my life with will be the most wonderful and magical person I have ever met. She will be as beautiful to me as she is smart, funny, humble, caring and sincere. She will seem more special to me than anyone I’ve ever met. That’s what I want in a best friend. I know that I deserve someone who makes me feel this way. Most importantly, I know I can find someone like this.

My dates these days don’t tend to get past a first meeting. I put each encounter to this love test. I think of the most magical woman I have ever met, and if my date doesn’t match up to that, then I had better move on because I am not the type to settle. Yes, I can tell this much after a first date. There are enough haters out there who will say my mind is nothing but marbles but they are just trying to impose their own test of love on me. Everyone must choose their own path to happiness. Thy must set their own standards and goals. If mine seem too high, then so be it. I know that this test is right for me and I know that each day, I grow closer to finding the mate of my dreams.

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