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A New Year’s Resolution Calls For Rich People Getting Out Of Trouble

Happy New Year, everybody! Have you made your resolutions? Did you make out at midnight? Were you as weirded out by Dick Clark not hosting the annual TV special this year as I was? Well all that was days ago, so let’s get back to talking about what matters: finding someone on dating sites for the rich. If TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and other infotainment shows are any indication, then December 31st is a night when you can expect to see lots of rich and famous people getting into trouble. Also, because of being famous, apparently it’s common to find rich people getting out of trouble with just a warning on the next day.

It seems like a rich chick such as Lindsay Lohan can do no serious wrong when it comes to breaking drunk driving and drug abuse laws. What I find comical is that they often tend to make a New Year’s resolution that promises they’ll never do something as stupid ever again. Laugh at their hypocrisy all you want, but remember that the New Year solution for rich people getting out of trouble is to try and find a date who can help them clean up their act.

I had a friend who used to always date several rich men throughout the months of January and February thanks to this logic. She always met them online and, while some might feel they’re always relationships that don’t last, keep in mind that doesn’t have to be the only reason you date a rich person.

Since these guys were just going through the motions of trying to change, all it really meant was that she now had the opportunity to meet these guys before they reverted back to a lifestyle of fun without consequences. Trips to Paris for a night on the town before a day of shopping? I think plenty of women out there are willing to deal with a two-month fling over a long-term relationship if it means those two months will be filled with numerous fun, once-in-a-lifetime dates.

Some of you might feel she’s taking advantage of these guys. Maybe she is, but it’s not like they ever get hurt. I say live and let live and, if everybody has fun in the process, then what’s the problem? You know what? I think that’s my resolution for 2013. Let’s have a lot more fun in our online dating adventures! That’s the whole point of trying to meet someone new, isn’t it?

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