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The Original Online Romance Story

A lot of people still have their doubts about online dating for all kinds of reasons. Some people feel it reflects badly on them for having to find love through a dating service, other people feel that it lacks the proper romance of a first chance meeting. Honestly, though, I think people avoid it because they don’t think that meeting online makes for a good story. Personally, I think the idea of meeting someone through a matchmaking site is as good a romance story as any other. A really great romance story should take on a life of its own whatever its beginnings, even if they may seem inauspicious.

I think if you’re embarrassed about how a romance story began, then that probably says more about how committed you are (or aren’t committed) to the relationship than it does about how meaningful it would be if people stopped worrying about how fashionable the match is and concentrated on making the most of the relationship.

One of the best romance stories I’ve ever heard came up again recently when the couple that is reputed to have been the first people to have met online back in the early ’80s celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary. If you think it’s unlikely that you’ll meet someone on a website specially designed to help people connect, imagine how hard it would’ve been to meet up with someone special when computers were the size of desks rather than desktop computers and any system for personal online communication was really groundbreaking technology.

I suppose this particular romance story sounds a little more unique just because it was the first of its kind, or maybe because it must have come about in spite of many obstacles, but it seems absurd to categorically dismiss a way of meeting people simply because it’s been done. In fact, it’s absurd. It’s tantamount to saying that you don’t want to try something because it works.

People should stop worrying about how they meet people and start simply saying thanks when they do meet someone special, however it happens. It’s hard enough to find one good person in the world, it’s harder to find two, let alone two that are compatible. It’s time people started making the process easier rather than imposing unnecessary constraints on an already difficult process.

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