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A Passionate Night With A Beautiful Sexy Bride

They say that online sex dating can sometimes lead to unexpected and unpleasant surprises. In my experience, that’s often caused by someone putting up a really outdated photo of themselves. Last night, I had an unexpected surprise, but it certainly wasn’t an unpleasant one. You see, last night I had the pleasure of sleeping with a beautiful sexy bride.

And oh, what a sexy bride she is! I was actually a little stunned to hear her story. It turned out that she just got married to a guy who already fails to satisfy her in the bedroom. She at first thought it was just stress from their engagement and an upcoming work promotion he was striving for, but now that the two have tied the knot, she sees that he’s just not all that great.

She still greatly loves her husband and has no desire to leave him. It’s just that she has certain needs, so the occasional hot love affair is all she wants in order to get her mind off things. And to, you know, get off. She wanted absolute discretion and claimed that whoever she hooked up with would probably never see her again after that one time.

Hearing about one successful sex story after another through various friends, as well as never really making it all that far with my recent string of dates, I had been found wanting a little no-strings fun myself. It didn’t take me long to convince her that I was exactly the guy she was looking for.

Admittedly, I left out some details in my persuasion. While it’s true that I also do some work in the porn industry, I never claimed it was as one of the performers. I also never claimed that I wasn’t when I saw that’s what she was assuming. I also didn’t correct her when she assumed I was currently a successful business man (yes, I graduated from a school known for its marketing programs, but I was not in any of their business courses).

That’s part of the fun sex dating, in my opinion. Arguably, I lied to her, but the only truth either she or I are interested in is much more carnal. Take this as two lessons. One is that not everything you read online is true and the other is that it’s fun to live out a fantasy. I mean, for all I know, she may have not even been the beautiful sexy bride she implied she was. Do I care? Nope! I still had a blast!

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