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How To Use The Salt Shaker Move To Gauge Attraction

Here is a simple little technique that you can use to see how interested a woman is in you.

1) Play with the saltshaker at the dining table casually. Just play with it as you talk.

2) Flirt with her.

3) After flirting with her a bit, casually slide the saltshaker across the table to her side.
Keep on chatting.

4) Observe how she reacts to the saltshaker that is now on her side of the table. If she is not interested, the human instinct will be to push it back over to your side. (Subconscious rejection.)

5) If she leaves it there, that’s a good sign.

6) If she picks it up and starts playing with it. That is a VERY good sign!

Warning: As with all attraction gauging techniques, don’t come to any conclusions just because of one test. You want to have multiple confirmations!

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