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How To Use Temptation To Get A Date

Here is a little routine you can use to get a date.

1) Think of event or place that is ultra cool.


– Upcoming party

– Upcoming concert

– Favorite unknown restaurant

– Some kind of an upcoming art event or exhibition (Especially if you are an expert on it)

The only rule is that Whatever you pick should be quite unique and not something everybody is talking about.

2) Casually mention it to the woman during a conversation. Talk about how great its going to be, and then just switch to other topics.

3) Let her wonder why you are not inviting her.

4) Use other techniques to continue building rapport and displaying your great personality.

5) Just before you’re about to leave, bring it up again and invite her casually. Make it a By the way, you should come to kind of thing.

If you do this routine properly, the woman will be more likely to say yes to a casual first date. After all, it is much more interesting than checking out the best Indian restaurant in town or going to the see a cool band than to get coffee or get together for lunch!

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