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What Do Players Have That You Lack

Last time I talked about how there are many men out there who resist the theory of attraction. Today I am going to confront another group of men – guys who think it is  hard for them to get a girlfriend because they are not players.

Here is what I think: Instead of of envying players because they get more women than you do, think about how you can learn from them and borrow some of their good qualities that you lack

For example:

1) Do they flirt more than you? (Flirting and being playful are extremely important when it comes to building attraction.)

2) Do they have more experience than you? (As my romantic intelligence theory goes, a lot of players are good with women simply because they started out at a younger age.)

3) Do they act like more of a challenge than you? (This ties in with experience. A man with more experience and lots of options can AFFORD being a challenge.)

4) Are they more sociable than you? (As I have stated in the past, I have yet to meet a player who isn’t sociable.)

5) Do they have a better external image than you? (It is not who you are inside, but what kind of IMAGE you give, that matters.)

6) Are they more comfortable with their own body than you are? (How can you close if you aren’t even feel comfortable cuddling with a woman?)

7) Do they know more than you? (If you don’t have the experience, then make it up with knowledge and practice.

Once you have identified the things that you lack, then the next step is to work on getting the same things. Work on one thing at a time, and eventually you will have the same success.

By the way, you can use the same technique to model yourself after successful people in various fields including business and school!

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