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What Women Want?

You may have heard the figures that came out of a recent Playgirl magazine survey about what women find attractive in a man. First off, I thought the majority of the readers of Playgirl were men, but I admit I often dont know my arse from a hole in the ground.

Anyway, this survey suggests the majority of women are looking for men who are scruffy and a chubby. 42% said they thought love handles were kind of sexy while 47% liked chest hair.

In an article on New York Daily News, the editor of Playgirl, or editrix, whatever that is, says this shows that women are practical about their choices, and they’re smart.” Hmmm, I think to myself . . .

No, theres something missing here. What is it . . . what could it be . . . oh yes! There it is! Its reality! Thats whats missing! Obviously the majority of women fall into this category of being less-than-playboy-quality material — just like men. We all put on some weight and let ourselves go a little as the years go by. Finding a mate thats right for us essentially becomes the search for ourselves. Aim too high, youll strike out miserably or theyll end up walking away from you when they come to their senses. Obviously, this is what we will accept but its not what we look for or look at.

When you go to the grocery store and you have a carton in perfect shape sitting next to one that is a little banged up, which one do you choose? Now, I should say that I picked up a case of coke yesterday that was torn and had cans falling out of it, but that was only because I felt bad for it and didnt want it to be the last one sitting in the pile. Humans dont think this way when it comes to mating. We want the best! The funny part is that because of that survey, the magazine is now looking for the real man that it thinks its readers really want. Theyre flying blind over there, if you ask me. Readers have enough reality at home. They buy the magazine to escape from the portly and furry. Playgirl isnt in the business of reality. Thats how it makes its money. I just hope the issue goes to print without any more publicity otherwise the “editrix” might come to work one day and find the harsh reality that lack of awareness of what your job is about leads to swift dismissal.

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