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Where To Take Women On Dates

Here are a few good ideas for a first date.

1) Bowling

Bowling is a good example of a fun date. You will get to interact with her, and if you are good at bowling, you can even teach her a trick or too.

2) Dessert

Women can rarely turn down a good dessert. Look for a good dessert place in your town and take women there for a date. They’ll love it!

3) Ice Skating

Ice-skating isn’t just a cheesy date idea from movies. It actually works. Hold her hand and teach her how to skate if she doesn’t know how.

4) Mini Golf

Just like ice-skating and bowling, mini golf is a fun date that will allow you to interact with her.

5) Dinner At Home

Offer to cook her dinner or to let her cook YOU dinner at your house. Its nice, casual AND romantic!

6) Dinner Theatre

Instead of just going out for food, look for a dinner theatre for a fun evening of entertainment.

7) Picnic

Picnics are fun. Be classy and get some nice cheese from your local specialty cheese shop!

8) Art Museum

If the woman is the artsy type, take her to an art gallery or museum. To avoid looking like an idiot, make sure you know at least a little bit about art yourself.

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